Just a nice weekend away.

Just a nice weekend away. Last weekend we took a nice weekend break to a different environment in this strange time where almost nothing is possible.

It is Friday afternoon and I shut down my computer. Quickly pack my bag and then hop in the car and to Vierlingsbeek. We have no real planning when we leave other than knowing where we are going.


Of course always with too much stuff on the road that you don’t use half of, but well you never know. We had also taken the cold weather into account. A predicted wind chill of -16.


We arrive at the destination around 7:30 pm and it is beautiful there.


It’s a farm in the middle of nowhere. Villa het Bascour is located in Vierlingsbeek, North Brabant.


A luxury Farmhouse (B&B (Bed and Breakfast) with its own spa facilities. They have 6 luxurious rooms and are fully equipped, so it promises to be a nice weekend.


Saturday a beautiful sunrise.


Fortunately, breakfast in an adapted form is still possible in this Corona Period. We can pick up our breakfast downstairs from the kitchen, which was a great breakfast. Tasty warm rolls, croissants, crackers. eggs and toppings. Naturally, the fresh orange juice was included.


After our delicious breakfast we decided to take out the thermal underwear given the cold conditions. After some inquiries with Jan our host, we arrived at the Ballonzuil woods. These are the municipal forests of the municipality of Venray.


Luckily my girlfriend had brought her ice-skates. Because we were early it was not very busy at the lake in the woods. It was so beautiful here. The ice creaked and looked beautiful.


It was Long ago for me personally that I saw such a winter landscape in the Netherlands. After skating we decided to take a winter walk through the forest. After a few hours of winter fun we call it quits and go looking for a hot chocolate and a sandwich.


After this we return to the B&B because at 4 pm we have a reservation for the spa. That was very relaxing. We had it at our disposal for 3 hours.


The spa features a spacious jacuzzi, a Finnish sauna and an infrared cabin. Because of Valentine there was also something extra and the bubbles were ready for us. Delicious. I cannot say otherwise. Pure enjoyment,


Sunday is our last day and after another delicious breakfast we leave the B&B and go by car to the nature reserve Maasduinen in North Limburg. Here it was beautiful white on Sunday and you almost imagined you were in another country. (something Scandinavian) Very quiet and the people you meet come there with the same intention, to enjoy nature.


You can hear the Great Spotted Woodpecker working in the trees here. We can say that we experience more peace in this area than, for example, now in the Veluwe. There is much more crowds there.


We would love to come back here again for “Just a nice weekend away.”

J u s t i n

J u s t i n

Photography, Wellness, Fitness, Music, Multimedia, Nature, Beach. I ❤ my girlfriend, Cats & Chico (our Parrot) 🇬🇧🇩🇰🇪🇺🇩🇪🇬🇷🇳🇱🇮🇸🇹🇩
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