Are you still on WhatsApp?

I listened to the radio last week during a cold winter day, on which you are now working from home. Then I heard again the message that I have been hearing about this time every year since 2015. Are you still on WhatsApp?


“Those who prefer not to leave a crumb trail of personal data can better keep off large tech companies such as Facebook and Google.” Nevertheless, a large part of the people use their services such as Google, mailboxes, Google Maps and of course WhatsApp on a daily basis.


How difficult is it to switch and what are the alternatives?


Facebook owns just about all the platforms that are used by each of us. But how do you switch to another platform if 80 to 90% people remain active on these platforms?


Consider the alternatives


Signal is a good alternative messaging service that ensures user privacy. Telegram promises to be more secure than WhatsApp . Threema is then also an option.


“Signal, a privacy-friendly alternative to WhatsApp.”


WhatsApp came under fire last month for new terms of use. Earlier, the messaging service with more than 2 billion users worldwide was taken over by Facebook. It is feared that data among that tech giant will be shared with commercial parties.


Data in WhatsApp


Request your personal report in Whatsapp. You will then see your personal data. A report with contacts, Group apps in which you are active, numbers that may be blocked, or photo’s and so on.


Also request your report by doing the following.
Go to the settings in WhatsApp
Click on ‘Account’
Click on ‘Request account information’
Click on ‘Request report’, you will then see the date on which you can download the report. (It will be available in a couple of days.) I just requested mine.


The number of Signal and Telegram users is increasing, but the number of WhatsApp users is not decreasing. Many people use it side by side. People are afraid of missing out. This is also the case with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


Try to persuade your friends, family and acquaintances to switch … I am in several group apps that I really cannot live without, from housekeeping and school to sports. At the same time, the only thing you can do as a consumer is to turn your back on large tech companies.


Ease of use

Most of all, removing popular apps requires discipline. The apps are also just as quick to download and use.


The biggest step is to approach all your contacts and ask them something. Maybe they see the point of it, just like you. After all, it is about privacy and that you are not bombarded with so-called personal offers. etc.


Even more alternatives


Instead of Gmail, you could choose ProtonMail as your privacy-friendly mailbox. the free version is fine, but you can of course also opt for a paid version in which you have more options.


As a search engine DuckDuckGo is a good alternative. “You will see that search results differ per search engine. Google shows results based on data they have and what is socially desirable. At DuckDuckGo you know that your data is not stored, and you see something different than the truth that Google presents.


I would love to hear your opinion. What do you think, are you goning to make the switch?


Leave me a message.

J u s t i n

J u s t i n

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