Het Strijkijzer is een torenflat in Den Haag aan het Rijswijkseplein met 42 verdiepingen en een hoogte van 132 meter.

This is a Blog about

Hello and welcome to my new website.

I like to keep you informed about what I do on a daily basis. News, Photography, Multimedia, Travel, dinner parties and so on. I would like to take you on my adventures.

Girl with leather jacket
red en yellow flower
Budhha eyes mask

More content coming soon.

Everything is still a bit empty, but slowly more and more can be found here.

I will replenish my portfolio and place new content in it. In the past I sometimes did a photo shoot based on TFP and you will already be able to find it here.

A little about me

A Camera is a Save Button for the Mind’s Eye. Creating a timeless look, coupled with a flawless moment. Nice phrases when you are a photographer. I love to make photo’s in my sparetime. But is also like doing retouching and doing other digital work.

Photographyof all kinds of stuff 95%
Digital art
Using software to manipulate or retouch 85%
All kinds of tech junkie 100%
I love Gaming 100%
Head of Minerva